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14 July 2024

Openness in both your personal and professional life helps you deal with difficult situations, and as a consequence, you receive support from an unexpected source. Accept this and try to build a permanent connection with your supporters. Use your positive state of mind to address matters that have long been of concern and make some worthwhile progress.

13 July 2024

Regardless of an original approach to achieving success, your path becomes blocked. You were always on the right track and made good progress. With too many obstacles, it’s necessary to re-evaluate the situation and look at new possibilities. Change your approach and focus on the main task, then you are much closer to reaching your goal.

12 July 2024

Extremely busy, a trip is fast approaching which needs to be properly organized. Prepare for the whole thing not going according to plan or running quite as smoothly as you expect. Remain flexible, open to the vagaries of chance, it’s easy then for you to react quickly to any new circumstances that arise, and everyone appreciates your effort to stay on track.

11 July 2024

You learn to appreciate the positive signals you get from your surroundings and feel rejuvenated when you begin projects which involve your imagination. Your natural authority means more than ever; you’re able to be of help to others. It’s important you don’t behave in a superior way, but instead give your support so everyone can be a winner.

10 July 2024

There are many opportunities for entirely new developments. If you take the ideas of colleague and friends seriously, you’re able to draw on original solutions from the suggestions they make. Changes abound in your personal life too, welcome new people with open arms, you notice friendships develop which add much to connections you have already.

09 July 2024

Sowing the seeds of a new beginning you implement changes in your career. Loved ones have complete faith in you and assist you by discussing the pros and cons of your plans. Success makes others envious, so don't become too big-headed, guard against potential losses by calmly considering the pitfalls and guard against them as best as you can.

08 July 2024

In bringing plans into reality be sure to effectively earmark enough resources and don’t become careless or get carried away with the breakthrough you make. Accept assistance or advice from those you know, this makes an immense difference to the outcome but don’t doubt your abilities; your influence is more important than you realize.